Towards Respect Together Program

The Toward Respect Together Program is a primary prevention program based on an empowerment model. It is a resource that enables older people to develop more mutually respectful relationships through enhanced understanding and assist in strengthening bonds between generations.

The program uses a strengths-based approach of nostalgic reflection over the life-span to identify and strengthen inherent resilience in older individuals. Reflecting on roles and responsibilities throughout the lifespan assists in consolidating an individual’s life experiences and sense of identity. It is a life task for ageing well that can enhance individual dignity, respect, positive self-image of ageing, coping skills, a sense of personal control, conscious ageing, a sense of belonging, recognition of benevolent ageism, respectful relationships and life long learning.

The development of assertive communication skills can also assist the gradual shift from independence to interdependence.

Below are the background documents for this program and some resources that could be useful in working with the program.