Respect for Seniors Project

The Respect for Seniors Project commenced in 2008 with an "action research" cycle to ensure that community consultation guided its development. It has been based on both unfunded research commissioned by the project and international and contemporary Australian funded research.

The project is based on the concept of "primary prevention through social education". The aim is to raise awareness of underlying ageism in the community that contributes to abuse against the elderly.

The "action research cycle" approach uses new research and literature reviews to identify areas of concern not otherwise being addressed. This provides the basis for further research and the development of pilot programs in the local community. These programs are considered to be a precursor to a wider community involvement in the preventative campaign and complement initiatives undertaken by other community groups.

An interim report describes the project development, philosophy and future directions. A report on the first three years of the project details the recommendations for future initiatives. Comments about the project can be viewed here.