Research papers

Respect for Seniors Project Interim Report
Respect for Seniors Project report on the first three years
Just a Number?: An Exploration into concepts of ageing
Elder Abuse Literature Review
Primary Interventions Literature Review
Mutual Respect Literature Review
Mutual Respect Report
Concepts of Respect as an Approach to addressing Ageism
Interviews on the topic of respect
Age and the Social Dynamics of Disrespect
Expectations and Obligations in Adult Child-Ageing Parent Relationships
Background Research Paper 1 for Towards Respect Together Program
Background Research Paper 2 for Towards Respect Together Program
Towards Respect Together Academic Underpinning
Emotional Dependency: a Risk Factor for Elder Abuse
Family Conversations a feasibility study
A Victim's Perspective on Elder Abuse
Perpetrators of Elder Abuse: The Role of Shame and the Appropriateness of a Restorative Approach
Family Conversations: Intervention through Restorative Practices in the Prevention of Elder Abuse
Towards Respect Together: A program to empower individuals and develop protective factors
An Age Old Problem: Exploring Options for working with Older People