Lack of Respect and Abuse of Older People

This campaign is part of a much larger project which is an initiative of the St Ives Uniting Church with seed funding from UnitingCare Ageing.

The project is about prevention of elder abuse.  Conservative figures indicate that at least 4 – 8% of the aged population will experience abuse in their lifetime.  More realistic figures are not available as it is a hidden issue in our society, although some estimates would increase these figures by a factor of five.  There are many reasons for keeping it behind closed doors including shame, fear of retaliation and dependency on the abuser.  Contrary to media coverage the vast majority of abuse occurs in the community rather than in residential care establishments.

In fact, the most common risk factor for elder abuse is family conflict.  Most abuse occurs in the home & most abusers are family members. Abuse of the elderly can be physical, sexual, psychological, social, emotional, spiritual, verbal, financial, carer or payback abuse & neglect.

This project aims to prevent elder abuse through promoting a more positive and respectful perspective towards older people both at a social level and within individual relationships.

For any emergency involving injury or crime call 000