Community Engagement

“All historic evidence indicates that significant community development only takes place when local community people are committed to investing themselves and their resources in effort. That's why you can't develop communities from the Top down, or from the outside in.”  McNight & Kretzmann 1993, 1997 Asset Based Community Development.

The Campaign will promote community engagement as a powerful process for generating both attitudinal and behavioural change.  Principles inherent in The Asset-Based Community Development approach (ABCD) provide for community based change by empowering a community to own the process that provides the potential for change.

The “Community Conversations” component of this campaign may be considered a grassroots initiative designed to increase awareness of the diversity of interpretations around the concept of Respect. Through listening to other’s perspectives individuals will have the experience of giving and receiving respect through the mutual exchange of ideas.

The campaign aims to promote awareness of the diversity within the older population by highlighting and acknowledging not only the life experiences and contributions of individuals but also the significant coping abilities of the older generation as a whole.