What Might be Achieved in a Community Conversation?  

In addition to increasing awareness there can be many benefits from a community conversation.

The following is just one example of how mutual respect developed.

A group were discussing how respectful their local school students were.  The women in the group were commenting how pleased they were that young people always offered them a seat on public transport.  But a few of the men in the group were not in agreement.  When asked to share their views they said:

“We don’t like to be offered a seat – we’re not that old yet!!”

The difference of perspectives was very interesting and the group then reflected on how young people would feel when they have such different responses to the same display of respect.

By the end of the discussion the men in the group had decided that next time they were offered a seat they would be a lot more gracious toward the young person and decline with gratitude instead of indignation.